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Transportationbag for Christmastrees

Dec 10, 2010

Transportationbag for Christmastrees

Since this season, carrying bags for christmas trees are available.

The advantage of these bags is clear. Well stored trees cannot soil cars, clothes and houses. But this bag is also useful for a needle-free removement of the tree. The manufacturer offers also the possibility to print advertisements on the bags- this can ba a good campaign for the christmastree vendors.

Bizarre- the new flower printer

Dec 5, 2010

Bizarre- the new flower printer

Fresh flowers can be printed with slogans, images, etc.

Bizarre- the new flower printer

Since 2010, first-time a printer is existing which can print on fresh flowers.

And the print method is pretty easy:

The fresh flower is coated with a special oil and then fixed in the printer. From the delivered software the user can choose a motive, creates a writing or uploads a picture. Through an installed camera within the printer, the user can see the position of his choice on the flower. Now the user can adjust the position and starts printing.


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